When ‘off the shelf’ just isn’t good enough

We create unique products that are elegant, engaging and easy to use. We are a focused, hard-working company with a team of experts who can deliver exactly what you need.

We identify how we can add value to your organisation’s processes, accessibility and efficiency via software, website or mobile apps and work with you closely to produce a bespoke solution. Our expertise with business systems, Internet opportunities and the power of mobile applications will benefit your business 100% through everything we undertake for you.

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Take your business mobile

Consumers now spend more time on mobile apps than on the web. Is your site mobile ready?

Would a mobile app benefit your business, bringing your services directly to your customers?

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Make more of the internet

The internet has grown to become so much more than online catalogues. Your website needs to provide your customers with the service they need in an engaging and concise manner. Whether it's gaining control through a content management system, selling your products online or a bespoke solution we can provide the quality of service your customers require.

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Custom built to suit you

Finding the right software off the shelf is not always possible. Haywyre can provide development of sophisticated solutions custom built for your business requirements. Built to high standards, applications can be integrated into existing systems or link with cloud services.



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