Less is More: The Fundamentals of Minimalism in web design

Less is More: The Fundamentals of Minimalism in web design

Minimalism with Depth in web design

Minimalism is about simplicity in web design, do not mistake this for plain or boring designs. A website can be minimalist but still eye-catching and beautiful. There are hundreds of ways to make a minimalist website more exciting, this includes splashes of colour, animations, transitions between pages, videos and high resolution photographs. With the right balance, you can keep a website simple and straightforward, but with an element of beauty.

Here are some great examples of designs that have minimalism with depth:


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.49.25 (2)



Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.49.31 (2)




White Space

When we look upon white space, the eye is immediately drawn to the object/s within it. Therefore the rule stands: The more attention you want an object to get, the more white space it should have surrounding it. Never underestimate the power of negative space. It can be so easy to think that by adding more into an empty space, we are creating something more aesthetically pleasing. Or that this can be achieved by cramping together the objects already contained in the design. It’s fairly safe to say that this is usually not the case.

Here are two examples where white space has been used very effectively to create beautiful websites:


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.28.33 (2)


Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 16.22.48 (2)


“Less is More”

When we think of minimalism we think of this phrase. The key to minimalism is to create something simple, striking, appropriate and memorable. It is very easy to go overboard in the world of design, and adding several good ideas to one piece does not often lead to one great one.  It is often the most simple of designs that will achieve the desired affect, but this can be very difficult to pull off. Sometimes it seems almost impossible to have a design that is simple, but not plain and boring. This means we often feel the need to add more text, more graphics, and more colour – but we often tend to find that this is not always the best approach, and can leave designs looking tacky and aged.

If I were to show you this image, you immediately know the company without any text or colour needed. Apple are a great example of a company that has mastered the art of minimalism.






Allignment and Balance

An important element within the minimalism movement is the balance and allignment of the design. It’s usually very clear when a design works and when it doesn’t, and balance plays a huge part in this. For example, nobody wants to look at a site with all of the graphics and information on the left hand side, and lots of white space on the right. It just doesn’t have a nice balance, and this is even more important when we look upon minimalist designs. Because there is often such a small amount of elements to the page, it’s really important to ensure the page is nicely balanced and the objects are appropriately alligned.

This site is a really nice exapmle of a well balanced page that does not contain a lot of elements or objects:






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