Content Management System for BVT

Content Management System for BVT

We are delighted to say that we  have recently created a new website for the Burton Venture Trust using our own content management system Emperor CMS.

The Burton Venture Trust is a voluntary organisation based in Burton on Trent. It works with families and young people of all ages to provide an exciting range of outdoor and recreational activities to broaden their experiences and extend their potential.  The Trust has been working with families in Burton for over 40 years and is still going strong.

We have created a website which will enable members of the Trust to access information about current available activities.   Potential new members can find out about all the great experiences the trust offers young people and their families.

The website can be updated by using our  content management system Emperor CMS.  After a short training session the BVT staff are now able to update web pages and add new images.  The news section of the website can be updated on a regular basis with a weekly news letter posted and last minute updates posted to keep families informed of the latest activities.  This means that fmilies can access the activity updates easily so they dont miss out on the exciting events the Trust offers.  The general concensus was that the system works well and is easy to us.    There is an option to post news securely so that only members can see where and when an activity is taking place.  Non secure news is posted on the front page which means that information is easliy accessible for all.

The content management system also has a gallery function where pictures of activities which have taken place in the last 40 years can be viewed.  The staff can add new galleries and pictures when they need to.

Have a look at the website you might want to join.